Abbey Road Taphouse

Case Study: Abbey Road Taphouse & Restaurant

Abbey Road is a sports bar based in Abbotsford, known for showcasing live sports events and offering live band entertainment. The restaurant has existed since 2010 but had very low recall amongst the new target audience – this is where Vasdev Design came in.

Project Objectives


Organic Traffic
+ 1 %
Conversion Rate
+ 1 %
Repeat Traffic
+ 1 %

Step 1

Create Brand Recall

We helped identify and create new selling points for Abbey Road to appeal to existing and new target audiences. We highlighted their sports viewing experience with over 50 screens, live bands on the weekends, amazing food and drink specials at a competitive price and other events. We then communicated this experience across their website and social media. 

Step 2

Website Design

Vasdev Design created a dynamic website showcasing the unique selling propositions of Abbey Road Taphouse and Restaurant. We focused on the events and entertainment they provide in the region. Both online and offline digital and social media collaterals were created and skillfully managed for the sports bar that increased views from existing and prospective audiences on a regular basis. 

Step 3


Vasdev Design constructed a communication strategy using the carefully curated calendar of sporting events and activities. 


Over the months, the brand recall of Abbey Road Taphouse and Restaurant has increased multiple times with new guests arriving at the restaurant after learning about it through digital, social media as well as repeat word-of-mouth. 


Wherever you are at with your digital journey, we can help.


Wherever you are at in your digital journey, we can help.