Alderbrook Community Church

Case Study: Alderbrook Community Church

Alderbrook Community Church was founded in 2001, they are currently located at Columbia Bible College. The church offers services for all age groups and has missions groups that serve the surrounding community.

Project Objectives


Organic Traffic
+ 1 %
Conversion Rate
+ 1 %
Repeat Traffic
+ 1 %

Step 1

Graphic & Website Design

Alderbrook Community Church required a new logo and the creation of their website theme. They wanted a logo that was modern and also clearly communicated the most important aspect of their church. Vasdev Design delivered exactly what they were looking for. We created a theme that balanced modernity but also appears inviting to the user.


The theme that Vasdev Design created also brought functionality needed to help Alderbrook Community church continue to operate smoothly. We provided a website with the capability to serve as a blog, receive monetary gifts and allow users to connect with Alderbrook’s staff and community.

Step 2

Written Content & Digital Marketing

A website’s written content is paramount to its success. Vasdev Design provided a website that is visually appealing across devices of all sizes, possesses the desired functionality and successfully competes in search engines results.


Without carefully curated written content a website will get outcompeted and users will be unable to find your business. At Vasdev Design, we are professionals at meeting the demands you have for your website and ensuring that your site is streamlined and equipped to compete in today’s digital market.

Step 3


Alderbrook Community Church is able to continue to operate while their website works hard for them. Their modern logo and subtle theme highlight all aspects of their church and also displays all the relevant information about who they are, while the blog functionality of their website allows their staff to reach a broader audience in a convenient way.


Wherever you are at with your digital journey, we can help.


Wherever you are at in your digital journey, we can help.