Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort

Case Study: Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort

Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort is a secure, private campground in a serene outdoor setting. Located near West Kelowna on the north shore of Jackpine Lake. They offer a variety of rentals and services to help their guests experience the beauty of Jackpine Lake.

Project Objectives


Organic Traffic
+ 1 %
Conversion Rate
+ 1 %
Repeat Traffic
+ 1 %

Step 1

Theme Creation

Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort was searching for a theme that subtly highlighted the natural beauty captured in their photos without stealing the attention. Vasdev Design created a theme that does exactly that. Strong forrest greens compliment the trees surrounding Jackpine Lake.

Step 2

Website Design

We then began to build the theme into a fully functional website. Jackpine Lake’s website was built to clearly communicate information to users. We used written content, carefully selected fonts and stunning images to accomplish this.


While visiting the site users will be able to learn about what makes Jackpine Lake special, get a glimpse of the natural beauty found there, view the prices and rental information and proceed to contact the staff at Jackpine Lake Wilderness Resort.

Step 3


Vasdev Design delivered a website that fit Jackpine Lake’s needs and desires. Throughout the website creation process we kept in close contact with the Jackpine Lake staff to clarify points of emphasis, obtain feedback and ensure that the completed project would be perfect for our client’s needs.


Wherever you are at with your digital journey, we can help.


Wherever you are at in your digital journey, we can help.