Livwell Collective

Case Study: Livwell Collective

Livwell Collective is a residential design and contracting company based in Abbotsford, BC. Livwell Collective helps homeowners with a range of services like design, contracting, cabinets, closets, flooring, fixtures, fireplaces, styling, etc. They specialize in designing, renovating and defining the signature style for each homeowner. Livwell Collective was looking at soliciting new clients and was interested in marketing support for business development. 

Project Objectives


+ 1 %
Organic Traffic
+ 1
Average Monthly Leads
+ 1 %
Repeat Traffic

Step 1

New Brand Identity

Livwell Collective sought our assistance to create a new brand identity. We worked with the senior management to create a distinct profile that is sure to stand above the competition and showcase their value to clients. We created a new narrative for Livwell Collective that resonates better with their existing and new clients. Now, Livwell Collective can be confident that their company is being expertly portrayed and showcased with their marketing assets.

Step 2

Marketing Strategy

Livwell Collective’s renewed marketing strategy revolves around informing, educating and converting the target audience. We helped Livwell Collective identify their target customers and create communication pegs to showcase their experience, quality of completed projects, and expertise in management. Then we applied that across digital and social media.


We specialized landing pages on their website to target new audiences specific to the various services of the company. Each quarter, Livwell Collective decided a service to highlight and the digital and social media marketing covered that service in depth while still promoting the complete range of their services.

Step 3


With a renewed identity and marketing support, Livwell Collective is able to renew past relationships while attracting new business leads through targeted ad campaigns. As a next step of our integrated marketing support, we are taking Livwell Collective to work with associated partners such as realtors to open up a new stream of business development.


Wherever you are at with your digital journey, we can help.


Wherever you are at in your digital journey, we can help.