Sun Hang Do

Case Study: Sun Hang Do Martial Arts

Sun Hang Do is a martial arts organization with 5 locations throughout the Fraser Valley & Vancouver regions of British Columbia, Canada. Sun Hang Do mixes a variety of combat training methods including self-defense, form/patterns, weapons, sparring and much more. They have programs that offer various types of specialized training and cater to all ages.


Project Objectives


Organic Traffic
+ 1 %
Lead Generation
+ 1 %
Repeat Traffic
+ 1 %

Step 1

Style Concept

Sun Hang Do approached Vasdev Design as their old site had become incompatible with newer browsers, slow, and difficult to update.


While the goal was to display their methods and teaching along with promoting their programs, we had the opportunity to start from scratch and re-establish an updated brand identity. Our objective was to design something that served as an attractive display that brought clients towards their business.

Step 2

Mobile Experience

As members need access to Sun Hang Do’s website easily in order to check class schedules, mobile experience was a big deal. Combining that with the fact that 70% of their traffic comes from mobile users, Vasdev Design paid great attention to mobile detail. At project completion, the mobile result was nothing short of perfection.

Step 3


Strategically improving SEO rankings (which were previously non-existent!) by content placement and framework design, Vasdev Design turned the Sun Hang Do website concept into a reality. The new design is a strong asset to the martial arts organization and drives leads and conversions through a high level of accessibility.


The site is a useful resource for both existing members and those inquiring, and the structure and capabilities come together to form an appealing and informative website. Elevating their brand identity and sharing the Sun Hang Do ways on their primary digital platform establishes a wonderful first impression for visitors.


Wherever you are at with your digital journey, we can help.


Wherever you are at in your digital journey, we can help.